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1. Cost Effective Solutions to Offshore Manufacturing Dilemma

Peter had half a dozen products manufactured in China on a regular basis, with his supplier taking care of the whole process from start to finish. Over time, Peter found the language barrier and distance proved to be more of a challenge then he would like particularly when special requests or time critical projects were needed.


Communication issues often resulted in project delays until Peter’s requirements were fully understood as well as not having changes made exactly to specifications. Peter continued to work with these limitations but over the years prices also began to increase and with the exchange rate becoming less favourable all the original advantages of offshore production began to disappear.


Peter gave ACD Digital a call and was pleasantly surprised to learn that once you consider the freight costs back to Australia there was little difference in getting his products manufactured locally. He has found it beneficial to be able to drop into the Melbourne-based factory to explain his requirements in person. Peter also says that one of the biggest advantages has been being able to see a finished product as a sample ensuring everything is in working order before the rest of production is completed. The team at ACD Digital deals with any issues immediately resulting in minimal delays.

2. Protecting Your Business and Ideas 

Alex invested years of time and money developing his product ideas, resulting in a unique design that he was going to launch. He was aware of stories of products being copied when manufactured overseas and was concerned about being able to protect his product design.


Alex called ACD Digital and found that it there worked out to be very little difference in production costs to have PCBs assembled locally. ACD Digital immediately signed a non-disclosure agreement giving Alex peace of mind that was protected by Australian IP laws. 

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At ACD Digital, we are committed to using our experience and expertise to deliver electronics manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services at our state-of-the-art Melbourne premises to deliver great project outcomes that help improve your business.

3. High Quality, Reliable Parts at Competitive Rates

Jody has a range of communication products which require small components on-board and called ACD Digital for advice. She was pleased to learn that ACD Digital was able to take care of all the component sourcing, assembly, programming and testing of her product. What Jody really appreciated was the optical inspection that ACD Digital was able to perform on her PCBs, resulting in a lower failure rate and saving her own engineer hours of troubleshooting and time repairing failed boards.

4. A Friendly Team with Great Communication

Adam was looking for a PCB Assembly Services house to build his water management device. He was keen to find a knowledgeable and experienced team he could work closely with and quickly apply any last minute changes. He found the people at ACD Digital to be both friendly and flexible with the team providing regular updates on the progress of his production. When Adam got in touch to make a last minute change, ACD Digital went out of their way to accommodate his request. He also appreciated how an initial partial delivery was able to be made so he could fill urgent orders and keep his own customers happy.

5. Quick-turn Prototype Assembly and Cost Saving Ideas

James approached ACD Digital with his prototype PCB. He had a complex board with BGAs, fine pitch ICs and a number of 0402 components. The PCB was double-sided with SMT and thru-hole components on each side. He was also looking for a company which could continue with the production manufacturing of his PCB’s once the prototype stage was completed.


ACD Digital was able to offer cost-saving suggestions on how to panelise his PCBs so he only needed one stencil for his double-sided PCB (rather than the two stencils he initially thought he would have to pay for). ACD was also able to load James’ thru-hole components on both sides of his PCB and machine solder those components. This was due to the selective soldering robot’s ability to solder each point one at a time allowing SMT and thru-hole components side-by-side on both sides. James was impressed by the capabilities of ACD Digital as another company using wave soldering technology that he had approached had not been able to do this. ACD also suggested making his panel a size smaller due to the heavy transformer to be loaded in order to allow the panel to bow when run through the selective soldering robot.

For reliable quality circuit boards, manufactured locally and delivered on time and budget, speak to the team at ACD Digital today. Call (03) 9763 4788

case studies

ACD Digital is your fully-accredited electronics manufacturing and PCB assembly partner based in Australia with over 30 years real experience. We pride ourselves on our affordable electronic manufacturing solutions and strong relationships with our valued customers. Read our case studies and see what they have to say.  



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