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Surface Mount Assembly 

With a reputation for high quality and fast turnaround, ACD Digital is the leading choice when it comes to Surface Mount Assembly in Australia today. Our capabilities include electronics manufacturing using surface-mount technology (SMT) i.e. assembly using state-of-the-art automated machines to place components on the surface of your printed circuit board (PCB). ACD Digital can fulfil ALL your PCB assembly requirements from your PCB design stage through to PCB prototyping and/or high volume production – our team of experts can provide you with the right advice and solutions to ensure your PCBs are fabricated and assembled precisely to your requirements and design specifications.

Through-hole Assembly 

ACD Digital offers manual and automated through-hole assembly to handle the most complex challenges and provide cost efficiencies and the very highest standards at all times. When we use thru-hole technology to construct electronic circuits, the pin-through hole (PTH) components are placed through the holes drilled in your printed circuit board (PCB). We then use the very best selective soldering robots to solder the ends (leads) to the pads on the opposite side using molten metal. Through-hole assembly is perfect for bulkier components that need additional mounting strength to be able to stand more physical wear and tear such as electrolytic capacitors or semi-conductors in large packages.

Cable and Wiring

ACD Digital’s cable and wiring capability ensures that we have the technical knowledge and ability to provide a complete electrical manufacturing service including building electro-mechanical box and sub-assembly builds. State-of-the-art equipment and on-site engineers ensures quicker prototyping and volume builds as well as the ability to cater for specific client needs and special applications.  ACD Digital has the design know-how and practical capabilities to meet any cable and wiring assembly requirement and/or tolerances including any number of connectors, styles of termination or types of cable, including:

  • Chassis Wiring and Assembly
  • Coaxial Cables
  • Control Panels
  • Custom Cable Harness Assemblies
  • Multi-Conductor Cable Applications
  • Semi-Rigid and Semi-flexible Cables
  • Sophisticated Cable Assemblies
  • RF Broadband Cables



Full Turnkey Production

At ACD Digital, we specialise in full turn-key PCB assembly manufacturing services. What’s more you can rely on us to have all the quality resources needed to design and manufacture your electronics in a timely manner saving you and your business valuable time and money.


From sourcing every component, to assembly, programming and testing through to conformal coating, product boxing and packing, the team at ACD Digital can take care of the entire production process. With a reputation for quality built up over 30 years, you have peace of mind knowing that ACD Digital uses the components specified on your bill of materials. We never use grey market components, just genuine parts from fully accredited suppliers.



acd digital services

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3/2 Laser Dr, Rowville VIC

ACD Digital is an experienced supplier you can trust to bring you an extensive range of electronic manufacturing services produced at our modern facility in Melbourne.  We have been delivering quality circuit boards and PCB assembly solutions to clients across Australia for over 30 years. You can rely on the team of experts at ACD Digital for flawless designs and high quality parts and products. Take a look at our complete range of services. 

Product Programming
and Testing

Our PCB Product Programming and Testing service is popular with ACD Digital clients who often have this additional quality management requirement.  Our qualified in-house technicians can take care of programming and testing your PCB to correct any production errors and deliver a product that is 100% market-ready.


In addition to printed circuit board assemblies, our testing also includes sub-assemblies, control panels and complete systems. We can use our client’s tools for functional testing and programming as well as using ACD Digital’s custom tools for testing. This gives our clients confidence that they have a tried and tested finished product in complete working order ready to supply to their own clients.


At ACD Digital we understand the importance of time-to-market for our customers which is why we offer a 24 hour turnaround express service for prototypes (depending on size and complexity of project). Our flexible approach makes managing your ever evolving PCB design and changing bill of materials (BOM) a stress-free process for you and your business.


Our experienced team at ACD Digital makes it easy to get all those SMT and Through-hole parts soldered on to your prototype PCBs and you can count on us to build your prototype to the deadline you need. ACD Digital also offers obligation-free advice on the manufacture of your design to help you achieve production efficiency and save time and money. 

PCB Optical Inspection (AOI)

ACD Digital is committed to the highest quality soldering standards with a reliable PCB Optical Inspection (AOI) service for thorough inspection and feedback on all PCB assembly processes. With over 30 years electrical manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly experience, the team at ACD Digital uses our expertise to bring you the right AOI solution for your devices.


The PCB optical inspection is a high-speed computerised function consisting of a camera scanning the test device for quality defects and missing components. The CCD camera contains an image of a good PCB and the inspected parts are able to be cross referenced against this image to determine whether the test model passes inspection or not.

other services 

ACD Digital PCB assembly services also includes best quality and price component sourcing, laser cut stencils, conformal coating, product enclosure assembly, packing, labelling and all PCB rework.


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Here at ACD Digital, we are committed to service excellence and delivering results for businesses around Australia 24/7. View our case studies and hear what our valued customers have to say.

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