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Laser Cut Stencil

Laser cut stainless steel stencils needed for all SMT production.

Component Sourcing

You can rely on ACD Digital to deliver the best price, quality and availability. Grey market components are NEVER used - only genuine components from accredited suppliers.

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3/2 Laser Dr, Rowville VIC

ACD Digital PCB assembly services also includes best quality and price component sourcing, laser cut stencils, conformal coating, product enclosure assembly, packing, labelling and all PCB rework.

Get a fast online quote or contact ACD Digital today and find out how we can help your business succeed every time. 

Conformal Coating

Environment coating is often required when the end product is used in humid environments.

PCB Manufacturing

PCBs manufactured using an Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) finish to bring you the best results when placing the finest of components including BGA, fine pitch IC, 0402 etc.

Final Packing and Labelling

Product can be placed into the final selling box with labelling ready to sell at the retail level.


ACD Digital can take care of all your PCB rework needs. When components need to be removed and replaced for whatever reason, give as a call. We are happy to work with difficult components such as fine pitch ICs etc.

Case Studies

Here at ACD Digital, we are committed to service excellence and delivering results for businesses around Australia 24/7. View our case studies and hear what our valued customers have to say.

Product Enclosure Assembly

ACD Digital can also work with your already assembled PCB and assemble its final product casing, including wiring, labelling, programming and testing.



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